Suzanna + David | Asbury Park, NJ

I woke up at sunrise and met Suzanna and David on the beach of Asbury Park NJ.  I was extremely excited when Suzanna told me she wanted to trash the dress because the first thought that came to mind was "I need to take photos in the water".  I always jump when I have the chance to try something different and I'm really happy these two let me take the wheel of this shoot.  Im not going to say anything else because I'm pretty tired but I hope you enjoy :-)

Makeup artist:

Diana + Jimmy | Jack's Barn, NJ

I love showing up to a wedding and feeling completely overwhelmed, I don't know why but I guess there is some insaine reason why I love the chaos of being a wedding photographer.  Most would never give thought to what goes into photographing a wedding, just like some never give thought to how much planning goes into a wedding.

This is why I have the utmost respect for my clients.  When I showed up the day of Diana and Jimmy's wedding, I was overwhelmed. Every direction I turned there was some hand made detail which immediately opened my eyes to the crazy amount of work it took to get this barn to look the way it did.

Diana and Jimmy wanted to create an environment that reflected who they were as a couple; something intimate and cozy, making Jack's Barn in Oxford, New Jersey the perfect choice.  There can't be a better way to create a rustic wedding, than to have it take place in a barn surrounded by antiques. 

Diana wore a beautiful Cymbeline Paris French wedding dress from L'Fay bridal in NYC.  I love the lacy, floral design and it matched her bouquet from Vintage and Nouveau florists of Colonia, NJ perfectly.

Jimmy's suit was from Men's Warehouse. It was earth toned with a matte finish.  Jimmy wore it well and its simplicity was elegant; the perfect accent to Diana's dress.

The Bride and Groom's wedding included a first look, followed by a beautiful ceremony within the barn. Again, credit goes to the bride and groom, along with the florists who beautifully decorated the ceremony.

The cocktail hour and the dinner was hosted by Frungillo Caterers of Mountain Lakes, NJ. The beautiful table runners and centerpieces were hand made by the bride's aunt, with various materials sourced from places like Pier One.

The night was summed up with delectable food, dancing, and some good music.

Diana and Jimmy's wedding exuded rustic, vintage, and summer inspiration. Diana's goal was a detail oriented one; creating exactly what she wanted from head to toe without breaking the bank :-) Not to mention leaving a little something for their Thailand honeymoon that I wish they took me on! -> The barn. -> The dress. -> The flowers. -> The food.