Stacy + Chris // Stable Gate Winery, NY

I haven't blogged this many images in quite some time. Trying to keep it under 15 can be a real challenge sometimes. There was just too many amazing moments to let be unseen.

I had so much fun at Stacy and Chris's wedding. It wasn't just because I got a little break from Jersey for the weekend with a nice drive to upstate New York, but because every family member, and every guest at their wedding made me feel right at home. I thank all of you for that! From the horse photo-bombers to minister Mark doing splits on the dance floor, This wedding was so unique and full of character.

Blah Blah Stable Gate Winery, I'm supposed to write that I shot a wedding in Castleton-On-Hudson, NY which is Near Albany, ...or something.

Also for you photographers, I used the 5D mark iv for most of these, can you tell which ones?