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Kati + Sedz // Seneca Lake, NY


Kati, from America, and Sedz, from New Zealand.

These two were born opposite sides of the planet and managed to cross paths and fall in love.

Trying to put your feelings into words can be quite difficult, especially if you are a visual person like myself. I spent the entire weekend with these two and both of their families. Everybody there made me feel like I have known them my entire lives. Its a great thing for people to share this much love and this is why I love my job so much.  Cheers to all of you that believe in love!

NJ wedding photographer at the Fitch Estate near Seneca Lake, NY

Lindsay + Jess // Island Heights Yacht Club

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I just want you to see these pictures.

Lindsay and Jess are both artists, one of these two is even a photographer! It always feels good when another photographer wants you to be the one to photograph their wedding.

These two worked so hard to reach the level of perfection they desired so when the big day finally came, they wanted it to be relaxed as possible. This allowed for some awesome photography ;-)

I was so impressed by Jess's painting of the map that would take us all over the entire town of Island Heights, New Jersey. These two also chose this map as their save the dates. Lindsay designed her own gorgeous bouquet as well as all of the flowers. This is when I realized what a unique experience I was in for.  The handmade and handpicked details were only the tip of the iceberg!

Lindsay and Jess chose the place they had their first kiss for their first look, which is incredibly romantic. I also stepped in dog dookie, but I wasn't mad. I cleaned my boots and the three of us wandered the town and hit up some secret spots for portraits.

The Ceremony took place on the dock of the Island Heights Yacht Club where Jess spent a lot of time growing up.  The rings made it safely onto their fingers instead of through the cracks of the dock. ( This was the running joke between Jess, Lindsay, and her uncle who was also the officiant) the laughs were complemented by some tears.  After the ceremony, the dock was cleared for a lax cocktail hour and some good times.

With this day being all about Jess and Lindsay,  Mikey Junior and his band where the stars of the reception. They killed it all night with blues rhythms and ridiculous harmonics. This along with some dancing and drinking went on for hours, which inevitably required everyone to refuel. Dinner was hosted by L Gourmet and after some good eats, Mikey Junior hit it even harder with some tunes that had everyone back at it with more hours dancing and drinking.

For you the story ends here, but for Jess and Lindsay it keeps on going forever. Congratulations to this perfect pair.

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