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My best advice for wedding photographers

Let’s talk about inspiration. 

Being inspired is one of the most important things about being a photographer.

Where you find your inspiration will differ from person to person. Whether you find it in your clients, other photographers, another artist, music, or your own mistakes, that light inside that makes you feel the way you do about photography should be the greater focus above all else.

Weddings can become monotonous, redundant, and can wither away our inspiration due to repetition. I know this because I’ve heard so many photographers tell me.

I want to share what I’ve been up to this winter, because it has got me so excited for this upcoming wedding season.

In my opinion, shooting for yourself is one of the most important things we can do to stay inspired.

If its your kids, your pets, nature, landscapes, portraiture, concerts, or whatever; you should shoot it.

Shooting nothing but weddings is like eating the same thing for dinner every single night.

I have been lucky enough to acquire a rangefinder system; which is a whole other topic, and if you know me you know I don't like to rant about gear.

What the rangefinder has done for me was change what I look for in a photograph. We all look for that perfect light, or composition. Maybe you are trying to learn the next cool thing like a multiple exposure, or pixelstick light painting.


The limitations of the rangefinder has forced me to slow down, and pay attention to what is actually in front of me. It has also made me let go of everything else, and truly look inside myself for inspiration. So if possible, go shoot some film, or shoot that camera you bought for vacations. If you don't have those options; leave everything at home except a 50mm or whatever for your next shoot. 

Before I digress, you should start a new project, something that has nothing to do with weddings, but commit. learn something from your long term project that you can’t learn on the wedding day. I have learned so much over this winter, and I can wait to bring it to the table for this wedding season.



Im not the best at putting the way I feel into writing, but hopefully the combination of both this and these photographs will inspire even just a few of you to go do something you normally wouldn’t do. 

I wanted to share something like this for a while. This might be my first step toward a regular thing I do, or maybe something bigger. But I will never know what will come of it unless I give it a shot.