Rachel + Josh // Postcard Inn, Florida


What an awesome squad.

I first met Josh as one of the groomsmen in Cass and John's wedding.

We had a lot in common and over a few beers, he told me the day that I met him that I would be his photographer and this was long before Rachel or Josh had any clue as to where exactly they would be getting married. I was extremely flattered when I got the call about 6 months later and found out how serious he was that night in Mexico.

None of this compares to how grateful I am to be let into such a tight circle of Rachel and Josh's family and friends. I felt like I've known everybody my entire life. I am happy to call all of you my friends.

With that being said, I cant wait to see all of this crew in one place again. Thank you all, and Thank the Postcard Inn for tolerating us all even after we blew the top off this place hahaha!

Congratulations Rachel and Josh!

Hannah + David // Maritime Parc, Jersey City

These two might look familiar to you. It's because I did their engagement shoot only about two months ago. If you are looking for a refresh click HERE.

So fast forward two months and we are at the very scenic Maritime Parc in Jersey City, NJ. It's about 25ºF and winds are an easy 30mph.

I think it's pretty important to add how much these two valued photography. They may look warm an cozy but this may have been the coldest, windiest day of the year. I never try to push anyone into doing photos especially in these conditions, but Photography was so important to these two that they did whatever it took to get what we needed.  This says a lot; especially to anyone who may read this and who is looking for a photographer for their wedding day. Your photos will always be a reflection of you, and if you are awesome, your wedding photos will be too. ( I'm pretty lucky because all of my clients are awesome.) I love how hard these two worked to get what they want, and this is what inspires me to do what I do.