Looking for other awesome vendors?

You may or may not have the rest of what you need to tie up your wedding day. Ultimately this page is here to help out these other small businesses and yourself. I have built personal relationships with ever single person on this page, so I can assure you they big the same great energy to what they do as me.



There is a lot of talent out there, But Chris takes the cake. Not only is he one of the most energetic people I know, but brings a cinematic style that is above more of what you would find in our area.



Hair Style:

I love this Salon. The best word to describe this place is BADASS. Everyone in there is the most polite person you would meet, and despite this place being soo busy, the owner Glen will always make time to say hello. This is why I go here myself for all my haircuts and beard shapes.




Natalie and I started our businesses right around the same time and it was so awesome to watch hers grow right along side of mine. She is still my favorite makeup artist.



Look good and feel good:

This is my favorite person on this list. And its mostly because I live with her and she's my girlfriend. Jess is a flight attendant but her passion is her yoga business.

If your schedule is feeling a little hectic in the upcoming months approaching your wedding day, you dont even need to worry about going anywhere because Jess's practice will just come to you.

Look good and get into shape, and if you play your cards right, you might get a free flight out of it! HAHAHA